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Tyger! Tyger! by Bloodcult of Freud

Tyger! Tyger!

Due to some barely explaned mechanations by the MOM, Hermione is forced to marry a pureblood wizard.  Like, right away.  And, for some reason, the only wizard who she can marry is Snape.  Thus, uh, marriage.

Despite the fact that I rarely read het in major fandoms (primarily because most female characters in major fandoms suck *ducks tomatoes from SGA readers*), I figured I'd give this one a try.  After all, Hermione does *not* suck (as she is amazingly awesome) and it's marriage of convenience fic.  With Snape!  Surely that has to be awesome.

So, on the positive column, you have Hermione, Snape, marriage of convenience, and good writing.

But then, five parts in (out of something like 40 parts total), you have Hermione getting pregnant.  Because, while Snape isn't so much of a bastard that he's going to force Hermione to have sex without her permission (except that first time, of course), he's apparently just enough of a bastard to not wait until she's, you know, *not a teenager anymore* to knock her up. 

Though, of course, Hermione is just pleased as punch to be pregnant.  Because all women want children just as soon as they can get them (if fandom can be believed), to hell with having their own lives or their own careers or any interests other than raising a bunch of squalling infants (though, considering the fact that virtually every child in fanfic is Practically Perfect In Every Way, I guess they probably wouldn't squall.  Heck, they probably sleep all night through from birth and never throw up or get sick or yell at their parents that they hate them or are ever just generally irritating or annoying.)

(Adding insult to injury: not only is Hermione pregnant, but she also spends the five chapters I read barefoot.  Because the pregnant, barefoot teenager is not just an offensive Southern stereotype, it's also how things are in the Wizarding World.)

Obviously there are women who want to have children just as soon as they can get them.  However, in the real world there are also plenty of women who would rather wait or not have children at all, and as one of the latter, I'm thoroughly tired of every single het fic I've read lately coming to the conclusion that the only way you can have a happy ending for a man and a woman is for them to have children.  Frankly, I'd like to see a woman who would rather have a career than have children.  Or who would only have children if her husband stayed home while she went out and did what she enjoyed.  Or to just have the question of children not come up, especially when the female character is still a child herself!

And, you know what, I'm not alone in this.  So, for those folks who are wondering why slash is suddenly becoming so much more popular than het: women have a purpose other than making babies.  They can be interesting without offspring.  Embrace the concept.  You might find more of an audience than you expected.

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