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Pizza and a Movie series by Closer

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Jan. 21st, 2012 | 09:36 pm
posted by: jane_elliot in epic_rants

Pizza and a Movie series

AU in which Mike cleaned up his act pre-series and is a pizza delivery guy.  Three stories total, each of (approximately) the same period of time, each from a different POV.

This is a very highly regarded series in the Suits fandom, as it should be: the writing is great, the AU is just close enough to canon to still work really well (I've just about decided that the exception to my no-AU rule in Suits is any AU in which Mike is less of a wreck when he meets Harvey than in canon), Mike is phenomenally well-drawn, Donna is positively brilliant, and the rest of the minor characters and OCs are fantastic.  I really, really considered reccing this series, because it's really damn good.

In the end, however, I just had to give it a pass, for one reason: Harvey Specter is just too darn nice.  Which is kind of ridiculous, because I don't particularly like Harvey in canon and I frequently bemoan the fact that most fanfic authors tend to make Harvey even *more* mean than he is in canon (similar to Arthur in the Merlin fandom, which is one reason why I rarely read Merlin fic these days).  Still, ignoring Harvey's canonical cruel side results in the relationship between Harvey and Mike lacking that captivating edge that makes them so interesting to watch.  The end result is rather like a pretzel without any mustard: tasty enough, but still clearly missing something vital.

Long story short: if you like well-written AUs and are in the mood to see the softer side of Harvey, definitely give this series a try.  If you're really into the power dynamics of Suits, however, (or if the idea of an entirely de-clawed Harvey doesn't appeal to you) you should probably give this one a pass.

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